Order Contacts

When it comes to ordering your contact lenses, 

Community Vision Optometric Center Simi Valley provides you with two great options!

Order Contacts

If you're a previous patient of ours your prescription is already pre-loaded into Lensferry so you can quickly and easily reorder your contact lenses!

All orders ship for FREE! Prices are also comparable to other online contact lens retailers!

Easy Text Orders

You may also reorder your contacts by texting 

"Order" to 323-ORDERCL. 

Online Contact Lens Store

Whether you're a previous patient of ours or obtained your prescription elsewhere you may log into My Eye Store to order contact lenses, eye drops, eye vitamins, and other health products catered to visual health! 

All orders ship for FREE and prices are comparable to other online contact lens retailers! Automatic subscriptions available so you never have to worry about worrying out of your contact lenses, drop, and vitamins. Account registration required.

Have a question?

Feel free to contact us! Please remember not to include any Personal Health Information (PHI).

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